Thursday, 25 July 2019

Edinburgh 2019

The run-up to Edinburgh this year has been a busy one with performances at more fringes than ever in 2019. With Sofi's Southside about to become our therapy room / hip hop stadium for the next month here's a rundown of those shows + the all important facts and figures relating to this year's show.

Leicester Comedy Festival (Feb)
A surprisingly nice function room in O'Neils. 14 attendees mostly over the age of 50. Pretty good for a work in progress.

The Oakwood Fringe (May)
My own mini-festival. 12 crew members, mainly families with younger children. Very enjoyable.

Coventry Comedy Festival (May)
A nightclub on a hot day with 8 people in it. Still good fun. We sold more advance tickets for this than people who actually showed up. 

Buxton Fringe (July)
A cafe on the high street where we brought our own PA. 10 retired people had a really good time with us. We also got a good review the day after on the official site - suggesting we really should have booked more dates.

The Great Manchester Fringe (July)
We appeared on a drag queen's community Youtube show and BBC Radio Manchester in advance of this one. On the night, however, it was once again the sound of 10 people having a really good time in the back of a pub.

Morecambe Fringe (July)
No microphones in a pop-up venue one street back from the seafront. This felt like a PBH Edinburgh venue and had the same fantastic community spirit. With 16 people in on our Sunday night this was the busiest of all our shows - and possibly the most fun.

Now for Edinburgh...
As has become the norm for my Edinburgh Festival blog; I'll be logging our activities everyday, reflecting on the experience and keeping a running stats sheet of bums on seats and money in the bucket. 

We start Edinburgh over £3000 in the hole. If we make this back then I'll be more than happy as it will mean we only lose whatever we actually spend whilst we're up there. Should we make back this as well you can expect to see us with our own BBC 3 series in the new year. Yes, it's that unlikely.

Accommodation for two: £2144
Fringe Guide Registration (2 shows): £590
5,0000 Flyer and 50 Poster Package (2 shows): £200
Laughing Horse Contribution (2 shows): £200
99 (First World) Problem T-Shirts (x5): £20
Promotional key rings (x100): £10
Total: £3164