Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday Shtick at The Rose and Crown

The most important thing I learned tonight at Sunday Shtick at The Rose and Crown: do no go on a boozy bender with Andy Onions the night before a gig.

I knew I was feeling pretty tired. So tired, it turns out, that my memory lapsed 5 seconds into Tales of the Unexpected and instead of kicking off with the first line as planned I instead went "werrgh, I can't remember the words" and stared at host Sasha with the intensity of a man on the absolute brink. 

Thankfully, what felt like hours turned out to be the most panicked seconds of my life and I picked things up by the second line. The crowd didn't seem to mind and the rest of the set went ahead without further mishaps. West End finally got laughs after the line about having your debit card skimmed - which I've always been quite proud of but consistently disappointed by various audiences non-reactions.

The other acts were generally pretty good and Sasha and her co-promoter have a great thing going on. Getting a full room in Kentish Town on a Sunday night is not something to be sniffed at.

(Photographed: Jon Long opening the show)

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