Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Funny That at The Morden Arms

"So what's the audience like in here?"

So said a fellow comedian venturing down to Greenwich for one of my new favourite new act / material nights. 

Initially the description I gave seemed unfounded. The locals were there true enough. However, MC Doug wasn't taking the good natured flak I had experienced the last time and the bar props were actually keen to watch and not shout at either the acts or each other. My set concluded the first half and their shouts of "Phone!" and tube related fist pumps were both enthusiastic and actually in time.

Well, nearly all. The thirteen year old daughter of a regular was fully focussed on her phone and whatever was playing on her headphones. Though this may or may not have had something to do with a motherly intervention brought on by Kelly Convey's in depth exploration of female masturbation early on.

Seconds into the second half the inevitable happened and it turned out that the locals had been enacting a metaphorical calm before the storm. Doug revived his heckle-sponge role and against incoherent shout-outs and confusion introduced a number of acts who held their ground and flexed their developing put-down muscles. An interesting indication of the audience's true tastes and experience surfaced when Sara Mason took the mic though. Her retro references to Jerry Hall and Joan Collins most definitely striking a chord.

By half ten the show was done and dusted and it was time to enjoy the sights of the city courtesy of the DLR. I will definitely return.

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