Saturday, 2 April 2016

Clash of the Tight-Tens at The Castle

Last night Clash of the Tight-Tens returned from three months in the venue-less wilderness at it's new home in Aldgate East. The Castle is a cool little bar with an upstairs theatre room that more than one comedian noted gave the appearance of the world's biggest lounge. 

This look was somewhat enhanced by the random furniture that was provided: Sofas, wooden chairs, folding chairs, tall stools and small stools all shared space with tables that ranged from grand coffee tables to the nesting sort your gran might own. Thanks to this mix the sixty capacity room could only seat thirty but on the plus side this did mean every seat was taken and that always makes for a good vibe.

Being the promoter, my opinion from here on in no doubt lacks total objectivity but the acts were all absolutely storming. Be it Jacob Hawley crescendoing with an impression of a camel, the observational humour of Darren Harriot (pictured), Sally Firth's take on the middle class mother, Ian Miller's sexual self deprecation, Sonia Aste's Spanish charm or Sophie Henderson's legendary lasagne line - they all hit home and kept the crowd laughing throughout. In the words of my own dad (sipping half a Guinness and taking it easy near the back), "They were all very good weren't they".

I closed the first half with Tales of the Unexpected and West End. Both worked and had the audience claps and backing vocals in the right places. For the second time in four gigs, when asked to name a terrible nightclub someone offered Heaven. I'll be able to create a bar chart of these sometime in the future.

The next Clash is on May 6th, with Bear Jokes somewhat closer next Thursday.

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