Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Famous First Words at The Gunners

Famous First Words was busier than ever last night and I was in the fortunate position to be at the helm linking every last act together. With five walk-ups joining the fifteen act bill we started early and despite crowbarring in a couple of beer breaks the show still concluded little after 10pm.

The line-up was as diverse as ever. Callum Stewart (pictured) travelled from Wales to do his five minutes. At just eighteen years old and on a gap year to break into comedy it could have been a studenty disaster. However, he was actually really good and certainly has the potential to be going places in a year's time if he fancies forgoing higher education endorsed crippling debt for at least a while longer.

Elsewhere on the bill, Ariane Sherine premiered a new song, Sinead Wheeler road tested some new material and Victoria Howden gave us an all singing performance of how her imaginary lesbian musical would go. As for me, I performed Phones and West End. The former being particularly popular as the audience zoned in on one guy actually checking in on his device during the song and started shouting the chorus at him. As the first track I ever wrote for this little comedy character of mine it's holding up well.

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