Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Famous First Words at The Gunners

After several quiet weeks The Gunners was looking busier tonight when I arrived with brand new laminated posters for the venue. After attaching them to walls with enough blu-tac to secure an elephant I settled in for the night’s entertainment.

As usual it was pretty mixed, though it was good to see familiar faces testing out plenty of new material rather than going through the motions of their first five minutes again. The crowd was muted with the notable exception of some middle-aged builders who had taken up residence on one of the far tables. Though they talked over acts occasionally their presence made a huge difference to the vibe of the room and gave everyone someone to aim at in preference to other comedians. Though two of the men left half-way through, the lone “John Boy” stuck it out to the end and gained himself an appreciative round of applause for his troubles.

The featured music act broke things up nicely with some acoustic singer/songwriter stuff – vying from songs with a reflective Snow Patrol feel to jauntier Ed Sheeran inspired numbers. The only other music on the night was from me with a haphazard “Clicking Like”. The audience joined in with enthusiasm. I forgot most of the first verse. Hopefully this won’t happen at Bear Jokes on Thursday.   

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