Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Famous First Words at The Gunners

Blame the summer, blame the rain, blame the football. Tonight's FFW was a truncated affair with just 7 acts on the bill rather than the usual 15. Not that it worried us particularly and the hour long show was impressively good, enhanced by a decent showing of actual audience!

There were some very Gunners moments though. Dangerous T got into a shouting match with a drunk, another drunk got thrown out after shouting at one of the comedians for supporting the IN campaign and the somewhat lubricated landlady decided to give a speech midway through the hour about how anyone thinking of Brexit could get out of her pub right there and then.

The acts, several of which were in single figures in terms of gigs were really rather too good for their short time on the circuit. They were then topped off by a great set of new material from Nicole Harris (pictured) followed by Sheraz Yousef, who dissected his set with the audience on stage at the end of it.

As for me, I introduced the acts with rhyming couplets and topped and tailed the night with "One Shot" and "Tales of the Unexpected" respectively. Two more shows are in the pipeline this week, starting with a headline feature at Foxtrot on Wednesday and then Revelry on the weekend.

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