Monday, 27 June 2016

Famous First Words at The Gunners

This was always going to be a risk. After pulling FFW last week due to football induced lack of interest we decided to steam ahead tonight and things looked promising with 10 acts on the bill. When I got to the venue the barmaid told me five different musicians had turned up on spec the previous week expecting to do a spot and had had to leave empty handed. Maybe they'd be back. Maybe this would truly be the return of a full strength open mic...

...Except of course it wasn't. We weren't full. We weren't even the original 10. There were 7 acts sat in an empty pub whose TVs were on the blink and kept turning away people looking to watch England crash out to Iceland.

When numbers are this small it's more like a chat than a show. So we all did our new material. We all laughed or winced depending on what was said. I remembered most of Clicking Like, Steve Hili workshopped a new story, a couple of new guys tried out their first fives, Dangerous T talked about prune juice, Nick Purves was slick as ever and Jimbo (pictured) returned after an open mic hiatus to ruminate on the migrant crisis.

By 8.50 we were done and I was able to pedal home in time to see the inevitable England collapse.

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