Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Music on the street

After a late night yesterday it wasn't until gone 11am that I was eating granola and picking my way through the Fringe guide looking for Bear Jokes performers to descend upon over the course of the month. I'm not usually one for cereal at all, nevermind stuff with alleged health benefits, but in a kitchen dominated by a bed the less effort required in preparing food the better.

Nick and Peter went out for a run, which seemed brutally healthy and unnecessary to me, and whilst I was still wading through the 140+ pages of comedy in the guide Nick returned. After a cup of tea and a chat it occurred to us that Peter still had yet to arrive, having broken off from Nick's run around Hollyrood Park part-way round to head back to the flat. Cue a short-lived walk to retrace his footsteps in the belief he may have fallen down a hole before the inevitable phone call confirming he was not only back at the flat but had found a spare key on top of the door frame and let himself in.

Matt was heading off to visit his venue so I joined him on the walk there to see where he was at and then headed to the nearest Primark to find a waterproof jacket to deal with Edinburgh's tendency to rain every fifteen minutes-  long enough to give you that just about soggy feeling. Jacket and assorted unnecessary additional purchases later I took a walk along the royal mile where various street acts were in action, including the band pictured. Beyond that I headed along Clerk Street back to the flat and noted that just about every store after a certain point was a charity shop. The one for abandoned pets had the best stuff, proving once again that cute fluffy thing beat fellow humans every time.

Mirthquake 3 - also known as James Harris - then joined us at the flat to meet his bedroom with en suite bathroom and kitchen appliances, then later we headed out for a few drinks. Our final resting point was the Three Sisters where we bumped into a good deal of fine comedy people including Bisha K Ali, Benji Waterstones and Sophie Henderson. Laughing Horse kick off their shows tomorrow so we have a couple of days to catch as many as possible before our PBH enabled debut on Saturday.

On the gig front I secured a few more spots. The updated timetable is below so you can play spot the difference with the previous one.

(Click to enlarge)

Shows Performed: 0 (0)
Bums on seats at Mirthquake: 0 (0)
Money in the Mirthquake bucket: £0 (£0)
Steps walked according to my poundshop pedometer: 15,204 (21,004)
CDs Remaining: 100

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