Friday, 26 August 2016

Penultimate Mirthquake

The final timetable for Edinburgh 2016
Today should have been a three-show day but I awoke this morning to a text from Tom of Comedy Shorts telling me the PA was knackered again so there wasn't much point in me performing. Though disappointing I appreciated the lie-in and booked myself a ticket to Kate Lucas' show at The Pleasance.

3pm quickly rolled around and Onions and I were on the streets trying to convince people to come to our show. Despite the large volume of people, take-up was really slow. Festival fatigue clearly setting in now.

By 4:30 we had a handful of people in the room but fortunately they were joined by some latecomers and we found ourselves performing to our classic crowd size of 11. The show ran smoothly and the audience were really up for joining in with all the sets and shouting their lungs out to my tracks. The bucket rattled proudly at the end and and a number of CDs shifted, though we've somehow got to give out 50 tomorrow... 

Ariane at the Malcolm Hardy Awards
The evening started with a set at Bourbon Bar to a larger audience than yesterday and with a good response to my two tracks. Flyers duly handed out I trudged over to The Pleasance Courtyard to meet Ariane Sherine for a drink, chat and to watch Kate Lucas perform some fairly amusing and occasionally edgy musical comedy. From there it was across town to Watch Ariane perform at the Malcolm Hardy awards, an event dominated by comedy veterans and a distinctly nostalgic nod to a music hall tradition long forgotten. Having watched those involved in the production play Russian Roulette with hard boiled and raw eggs special guest Kunt from Kunt and the Gang performed a couple of tracks including one about fancying his paperboy. Disturbingly brilliant.

Come 3am I was in the pub nearest the flat with Onions and Nick reminding the barman he had only our final show as an option for attending. 

Shows Performed: 2 (50)
Bums on seats at Mirthquake: 11 (361)
Money in the Mirthquake bucket: £30.30 (£537)
Steps walked according to my pedometer: 12,921 (366,876) 
CDs Remaining: 50  

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