Friday, 19 August 2016

Swings and Roundabouts

Performing to an audience of two is not possible. After two songs I today handed over to Nick and as he took to the stage the couple (that had chosen for the show to go ahead) made their excuses and left. Despite an hour of flyering and the busy Wednesday room it seemed no-one wanted to watch comedy on Thursday.

I've been told to expect this to happen at some point, most likely around now. At this point in the run the issues with weather, location and limited marketing are compounded by the awards shortlists being published. Why spend valuable holiday time checking out something that, despite our continued encouraging to do so, has no audience reviews on the website - never mind reviews from trusted sources?

The dearth of willing watchers turned out to extend way beyond Mirthquake with Mel texting in reports of various shows that she wanted to see being pulled. I went to Kilderkin for the Cup of Tea Showcase (pictured) for 8:45 to find myself performing to a family of four with even the other acts disappearing straight after their sets in the lead up to my "headline" slot. Kilderkin is as poorly located as The Southsider which no doubt didn't help.

Still, the family were really nice with two daughters in their twenties joining in as enthusiastically as their parents. It seems an audience of four is at least workable unlike one of two. I had a drink with promoter/performer Thom Milner afterwards and talked about the Birmingham comedy scene and how to make small nights work consistently. There was a tacit invite to perform up there later this year, which alongside a recent offer to perform in Liverpool in October ticks my "get out of London" target for this fringe.

Drink drunk I saw Mel off onto her Megabus Gold and joined my housemates for a few drinks at Opium. Two arrived earlier than planned as their show had also been pulled due to no audience. Here's to an improvement for everyone today!

Shows seen today: My Groupon Adventure (very Round Ireland With A Fridge - worth a watch) and 07800 834030 (a show based on ringing back people who'd left a request for advice on the voicemail - very quirky and made all the better by Andy Onions featuring by chance!)

Shows Performed: 2 (33) - though Mirthquake was pulled mid-show I'd performed by then.
Bums on seats at Mirthquake: 2 (227) - if only for fifteen minutes.
Money in the Mirthquake bucket: £0 (£291.60)
Steps walked according to my pedometer: 18,295 (258,397) 
CDs Remaining: 76

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