Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Komedy Krackers at The Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton

After a typically Southern Rail journey down to the seaside (20 minutes late, half the interim stations skipped due to some unintelligible excuse on the PA system) I stepped out into an unusually sunny October afternoon in Brighton and made my way to Gulliver's B&B. Compared to Liverpool, the room is a dream. No ensuite of course, but modern with tea and coffee facilities and a TV. I duly emptied my bag and went shopping before taking some photos on the seafront.

Tourist time over I settled down at my room's desk and finished my new song about airports. It's a punk-funk number with a middle-eight breakdown verging on dubstep so musically rather adventurous. Perhaps more adventurous than the lyrics, though I am particularly proud of a pun based around baked beans. A recording will be up sometime in the near future.

Song complete I walked up to The Caroline of Brunswick for Sara Mason's Komedy Krackers. The venue is fantastically rock with the three headed Cerberus (know your Greek mythology) glaring down at you from above the bar. There was scant evidence of a night happening but I followed the signs to the performance room above and found Sara chatting to the acts and working out the running order.

Audience-wise there was nothing to shout about. William, who brought the three nice people to Famous First Words on Monday, was performing here also and had once again come through with a couple of friends in tow. The other acts hadn't brought anyone and my Brighton based friend had pulled out so it wasn't exactly packed.

The acts were pretty good throughout and after doing Tales of the Unexpected and West End Sara requested an encore so Craft Fair got an airing as well. The reaction was good, proof in my mind that whilst the audience numbers were similar to those on Monday the more intimate room made it much easier to connect. The room also benefitted from some nice lighting, decent chairs and a dedicated, working, PA.

Post-show I had a chat to Sara about promoting gigs before finishing my reasonably priced pint and heading back to base for a decaffeinated coffee. Rock and indeed Roll. 

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