Saturday, 5 November 2016

Clash of the Tight-Tens at The Castle

The phrase, "you can't win 'em all," seems more than an appropriate way to describe last night's Tight-Tens. After a run of busy shows across the Bear Jokes empire November 4th decided to be the one where eight acts sat in a beautiful theatre room above a bustling pub with just two audience members (joined later by a third). The busy bar turned out to be hosting a private party and despite assurances by many they'd come up for a few laughs regardless none did so.

So did we cancel? Did we heck. Andy Onions opened proceedings with a warm meandering monologue and identified that every female in the room was called Sophie. The acts were relaxed and largely went with trying out new material, this included Sophie Henderson reflecting on the clueless ego-fest that is The Apprentice and Mawaan Rizwaan throwing his shoes into the back wall. I ran through Clicking Like and Shuffle and Stop with Andy leading the audience participation.

Come 9.40 we wrapped up and headed to the bar for a few drinks. I took a photo of Andy looking cheerful in a stairwell for our Hastings Fringe application and remembered to take down all my direction posters for the first time in months. 

My luck only lasted as long as my return to Leyton station though as I found my bike had been stolen. The place is becoming more like Hackney every day.

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