Sunday, 27 November 2016

Suburbaret at The Cavendish Arms

The last time I performed at The Cavendish Arms was probably about five years ago with my then band, Hot Beds. Located in the not-quite back and beyond from Stockwell Station "The Cav" (as anyone who's sat through a 22 act Comedy Virgins night there knows it) features a lovely little theatre style back room in the most unlikely of places.

Unusually, the show started at 6.30pm but this was slightly delayed until a few people could be coaxed in to watch. A small but enthusiastic audience were in place nearer the 7 and we were off. MC Gareth (pictured) ran a raffle for Waitrose Essentials products using everyone's car keys as tickets and also guided us through a range of fantastically diverse and genuinely decent acts. There was musical comedy, a drag queen gameshow based on names of paint, soft-play area themed stand-up and a character act spoofing Gardener's World with with their "mucky fingers".

As for me, I was the final act in the first half and hammered through Tales of the Unexpected, Airport and Shuffle and Stop. Reaction was good and I managed to get the whistle in my mouth correctly at least 50% of the time during the middle song. As small gigs go this was a lot nicer than many. It was just a shame there couldn't have been more people there to witness it.

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