Sunday, 19 February 2017

Stand Up at the Leyton Star

Jacob Hawley
Back in the small room at The Leyton Star tonight and every seat was taken when comedy commenced at 8pm. After several nights of high quality comedy here extracting little more than small change from the audience at the end of the show it was especially encouraging to see that my experiment with “reserve a seat for £5” ticketing had paid off with several ticket holders in the middle row. The question was, would they think it was worth it?

Within minutes it was clear they had as the room warmed quickly to my opening rap and Peter Merrett kicked off the main show to plenty of laughter and applause. All the acts that followed went down just as well if not better and Nigel Lovell rounded off the first half nicely with a few nods to his local area alongside his some of his best tried and tested material.

Jacob Hawley previewed in the second half, firmly gripping a set of notes he referred to and scribbled on throughout. Having primed friends of his to shout out, “It’s only February, you’ve got plenty of time”, when his punch lines didn’t hit the mark it was a relaxed and a very much interactive affair. With previews you never know at what stage you’re going to see a show but even in it’s embryonic form the forty minutes had plenty to celebrate and the crowd left happy.

All that was left for me to do was to pack away my lighthouse-intense angle-poise lamp and have a beer with a friend of mine up from Wales for the day. Another great show at The Leyton Star!

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