Sunday, 4 August 2019

Edblog: Aug 4th

Things just got better today with increased turnouts at both shows threatening to hit their respective room capacities. 

Over at Cabaret Voltaire things started unpromisingly with little footfall down the street and the Royal Mile full of pedestrians utilising their best leave-me-alone glares. However, as showtime approached people began to stream in - all apparently drawn by the fringe guide (note to self, stay in bed later.) The acts then absolutely smashed the room. Superb sets from Lenny Sherman, Aidan "Taco" Jones, The Bristol Revunions, Stevie Gray and Tom Little repeatedly hit the funny bone and the cave reverberated to the call of, "Meal De-al!" A special mention goes to Stevie's extra special guest, his 9 month old son who he held throughout his ten minutes.

Following an hour of hit and miss flyering in the pay venue powerhouse zone of Georges Square (choice quote from a retired lady, "I saw some comedy at The Pleasance last night but it was awful so I don't think I want to watch any more"), it was time to head to Sofi's Southside for 99 (First World) Problems. The street was, as usual, quiet and the show previous to us had about 5 people in it. We were braced ourselves for an "intimate" performance.

As it turned out, our worries were misplaced. At 3.40 the foyer area was full of people and Anna J was directing them to write their names on their VIP Crew Pass stickers. Delaying slightly for people waiting on cocktails, we launched into our biggest show yet. The audience; a real mix of young, old, local, national and international, joined in whole heartedly and we raised the roof. The set pieces worked, the songs were strong and we even pulled off most of our improvisations to genuine laughs. Alongside a good bucket take (given the number of families with children) the key rings went like actual desirable objects and we would have taken our first card payment had my device not suddenly decided it was exactly the time to do a software update.

Clash of the Tight Tens
Bums on seats: 34 (Total: 78)
Cash in the swing bin: £50 (Total: £119)

99 (First World) Problems
Bums on seats: 28 (Total: 71)
Cash in the bag for life: £52 (Total: £145)

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