Thursday, 30 November 2017

Jolly Rogers at The George Vaults, Rochester

This evening I hopped on the train, meal deal in hand, to Rochester for Jolly Rogers at The George Vaults. My last visit has been a good one and I was looking forward to returning - particularly as the promoter had told me I was his wife's favourite act. Forget your reviews, this is what really counts when it comes to repeat bookings!

The first half was comfortable and charming. Fiona Ridgewell and Kieran Pool both being familiar faces mixing up old and new material. By the halfway point the room had filled nicely and I put on my visor and limbered up for a 4 song set.

Meal Deal got the ball rolling and Shuffle and Stop worked well with its debut electro reworking. Clicking Like seemed particularly topical with its reference to sharing social media posts from the far right and the newly reworked Two Shots wrapped things up nicely. 

Performing in what looks like a crypt thankfully didn't result in dying on stage and I look forward to returning in 2018, hopefully at a time when I don't have leg it to the train afterwards to get in at a decent time.

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