Friday, 8 December 2017

Bear Jokes at The Leyton Star

It's been a while since I performed to two real audience but last night's Bear Jokes proved that just because the total number of people in the room is tipping halfway to ten it doesn't mean it'll be a bad night.

It didn't start promisingly. One act cancelling without replacement and a second not showing up wasn't ideal. We hung on for 15 minutes as the room remained stubbornly empty and our opener had to shoot on to another gig. 3 acts and an MC remained and we thought we'd workshop the night away. 

Darren Walsh had some great new material and Susie Steed was concluding her satire when two actual audience members arrived. Susie did a bit more before MC Nig Lovell suggested a quick beer break before our "headline" 20.

Beers duly in we performer like it was a full room and somehow it wasn't a total car crash. Meal Deal, Shuffle and Stop, West End and Airport all got a look in and our two happy punters joined in with carefree abandon. The video may not be ideal for the Musical Comedy Awards as planned but there's always tonight to shoot one with additional bodies in the room.

Post-show we had a drink with our audience and were assured they'd be back.

We'll fill our comedy ark with followers yet, if necessary two by two...

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