Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Edblog: Aug 12th (includes reviews)

Mondays are often busier than you'd think and this one didn't change the pattern. 

Clash of the Tight Tens presented another collection of thoroughly decent sets to a half full room and the audience left happy and reasonably generous. Considering its last minute change in location and the fact that its location resembles a sewer tunnel things have been going well here.

It was a second solo outing for myself with 99FWP as Anna's ankle injury had flared up again. With little time to flyer I figured I'd just see how it went and was pleasantly surprised to see a collection of families and students in the room for the start. With an audience of fourteen, some adjustments were necessary with lower volume for the music and a chattier interaction. I tried out my new interactive piece for next year again and it worked well again so it's almost certainly something we'll take forward to 2020.

Between the shows I've had the chance to see some other acts in action. The free fringe / festival is an unwieldy beast but I've felt lucky so far to only trip up on one truly terrible show. The best are below:

Lightfoot James - Aidan "Taco" Jones
I've known Taco for years, ever since the days of Bear Jokes in Hackney. Always ready with a story to tell, he starts the show with easy going chat with the assembled group in his tiny attic room. Tales from remote towns in Australia follow, punctuated with Facebook stalking and his biological origins. Interesting, funny and vivid. A very easy to watch afternoon show. 

Made in Spain 2 - Sonia Aste
Sonia's previous show continually filled its room last year and this time around not much has changed for the lady who mixes up her paella with puns. Over the course of an hour we learn about various aspects of Spanish life, presented as courses in an audience-selected tapas menu. Arming the front row with maracas and tambourines, as well as the whole audience with fans, the show is both informative and amusing with plenty of light humour building up the repore.

Clash of the Tight Tens
Bums on seats: 21 (Total: 235)
Cash in the swing bin: £65 (Total: £542)

99 (First World) Problems
Bums on seats: 14 (Total: 220)
Cash in the bag for life: £35 (Total: £496)

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