Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Edblog: Aug14th

Another nice day at the fringe with a decent turnout at Tight Tens and a not-bad-for-a-Wednesday group of ten in 99FWP. 

In between the two I met up with Andy Onions to take part in Alan Shed 7's Music Quiz. Using an interactive tablet we answered questions on music from decades and genres way beyond the hey day of the mighty shed. By the penultimate round we were in the third place but in the final round we got question after question wrong and slipped further and further down the leaderboard. However, with three questions to go we aced one no-one else got and gained a thoroughly unfair bonus boost to the top. The final question duly answered correctly and we were the winners!

Possibly the only award I'm likely to win this summer.

Clash of the Tight Tens
Bums on seats: 25 (Total: 260)
Cash in the swing bin: £58 (Total: £600)

99 (First World) Problems
Bums on seats: 10 (Total: 230)
Cash in the bag for life: £19 (Total: £515)

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