Friday, 2 August 2019

Edblog: Aug 2nd

Edinburgh is not normally this sunny. This may explain why numbers grew nicely from yesterday to give us another day of good shows.

Clash of the Tight Tens looked like an awkward one minutes before showtime with just one act having arrived and five expectant audience members in the room. However, by 12.15 all but one act was accounted for and a stream of latecomers bumped the numbers up to a half full room. Andy Onions' anarchic tech setup as part of his routine was an interesting twist to proceedings, Sadia Asmat's slightly too rude for lunchtime set caused a parent to cover their teenager's ears for a good thirty seconds and an absent act gave me more stage time than usual so it was anything but predictable. The bucket was disappointing though. More work required on the all important speech.

99 (First World) Problems had no such issue though and after fifty minutes of music and general nonsense with teenagers, retired Americans and a smattering of locals we averaged £3 a head. Better than the Free Festival average of a pound less than this. Saturday's show promises to be even busier, here we go!

Clash of the Tight Tens
Bums on seats: 20 (Total: 27)
Cash in the swing bin: £20 (Total: £34)

99 (First World) Problems
Bums on seats: 14 (Total: 23)
Cash in the bag for life: £41 (Total: £52)

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