Thursday, 1 August 2019

Edblog: August 1st.

Today was preview day at the fringe and we had expected a quiet start because of this. However, our modest expectations were more than met when both Clash of the Tight Tens and 99 (First World) Problems brought in more people than the comparable shows last year. This despite Tight Tens last minute move to Cabaret Voltaire (with the now falling down Espionage listed in the print guide) and the rap show moving somewhat out of town beyond the Counting House to Sofi's Southside Social. Things are looking good for our first big weekend.

August 1st Stats
Clash of the Tight Tens 
Bums on seats: 7
Cash in the swing bin (yes, I'm using a small swing bin from Poundland this year): £14
99 (First World) Problems
Bums on seats: 9 (inc. a mum and three children)
Cash in the bag for life: £11

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