Monday, 5 November 2018

Anything Goes and the Binary Bar

Last Thursday's AG was another belting little hour that showcased talent from both near and far. Eleanor Mottershead opened with some locally sourced singing before Katherine Ferns (from Canada via Wigan) stepped up with a strong ten minutes of new material from her forthcoming Edinburgh show. This was followed by Westcountry comedian, now resident of Glossop, Harriet Dyer putting on her broadest accent and drawing on her upbringing with a sideline in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles references. The final act to take the stage was Mancunian Jack Vincent with a self deprecating exploration of his very being. Shout out to the New Mills massive, nice to see some of our cousins coming over the hill for this one!

Yesterday it was our turn to guest at someone's show so we hopped in the rap-mobile and powered into Manchester for our closing set at The Binary Bar. Host, Matty, was enthusiastic, helpful and all-round brilliant whilst the majority of the acts (some, recent AG performers) put in genuinely entertaining sets held together by an easy going MC from Birmingham.

As the last act on we had a good measure of the audience. Up for it, vocal and keen to laugh, it wasn't hard to get them shouting along with Meal Deal and Gentrified after ram raiding them with our intro track. The lack of two microphones meant we could indulge in some pantomime-level play fighting over it and we had enough space and volume to dance about and generally pretend we were at a rave. Definitely one to do again!