Thursday, 12 September 2019

Performing to Parents

Yesterday I headed out of Glossop to Liverpool for 'Early Risers', a comedy night with an earlier-than-most finish time specifically aimed at those who would otherwise be clock watching for the baby sitter.

A night that really knew what it was and who it was for, MC Hannah linked between acts with a "Back to School" theme, supported by an on-stage nursery blackboard and an actual 'nature table' as found in most KS1 classrooms. The night concluded with cards completed by the audience in response to the question, "what was the naughtiest thing you did at school?" and a goodbye song that the crowd seemed to know well.

Before this point two comedy course graduate mothers had fired off their first five minutes on parenting themes, a thirteen year old stepped up to tell three minutes of jokes and Jinder Singh opened with an extended set. The penultimate act and first on after the break, I opened with the Edinburgh intro track and then went into Shake It followed by Meal Deal.

The response was warm and was certainly enough to erase memories of my first appearance in Liverpool three years ago at Hot Water when I baffled a huge crowd on a Sunday night repeatedly shouting about an erroneous coffee order over sub-karaoke machine beats. Win.

Sam Avery closed the night's proceedings. He was very good. If you get the chance to see him then do.

In other events this week, Anna and I successfully ran our first improvised drama session for home ed kids. The worlds of education and comedy finally colliding neatly.

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