Sunday, 16 August 2015

Edinburgh - Sunday

It's a strange day when you go to a midday show to find that one of the best acts of the free fringe is performing. With smart one liners, bizarre props and a thoroughly affable attitude Tim Shishodia is king in a parallel comedy universe. Genuinely, the crowd never stopped laughing.

Following this Stewart Lee did the big theatre thing and was his usual cutting self. At times slightly unnerving, you had to remind yourself of how he works a room before his punchy conclusion made you realise it was actually pretty clever. I never want to be as cross at the world as he is though.

Back in the back rooms Stella Graham kept a sizeable crowd laughing with things that annoy her. Engaging as ever, it was impressive to see how she knitted together parts of the various ten minute sets she regularly does at my shows.

Matt Duwell and Declan Kennedy were in the floor below later in a room with more people in it than this photo suggests. Solidly entertaining observations.

A long way across town Viv Groskop hosted a show high on audience participation with a focus on apology. Charming, relaxed and a welcome step change to the rest of the day's offerings.

This left Omar Hamdi. A bouncing whirl of observational and biographical entertainment pulling in everything from James Bond to ISIS. Enjoyable from the start with even a little food for thought thrown in.

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