Sunday, 23 August 2015

One hot night...

When the worst thing that happens at your own show is part of the black backdrop detaching itself from the wall then things are going pretty well. Despite a couple of last minute cancellations and subsequent panicked reserve call-ups the second Clash of the Tight-Tens was an unqualified success.

Busy rooms are the holy grail of new act nights and it was with a significant degree of pride that I was able to count in well over forty actual "real audience". No "bringer" deal, no counting the acts themselves as audience - this was a fantastic mishmash of MeetUp groups, Time Out readers, locals with flyers and Facebook invitees. Now the entertainment had to be up to scratch...

...which it absolutely was. Every act brought their best to the stage and even my comparatively inexperienced set brought compliments - a couple of people asking after if the tracks were on iTunes. Andy Onions held down MCing duties with his usual charisma. Big smiles all round.

Once the comedy had concluded it was time for drinks upstairs with the MeetUps and then DJing to very drunk tourists at post-comedy clubnight Eargasm.

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