Monday, 31 August 2015

Stratford East

Comedy came early this week after I accepted a slot at Stratford East Theatre seven days ago and found myself on a six act bill (plus MC) in the rather lovely bar area. Doing a ten back to back with quick fire one-liner Peter White and sandwiched between two experienced acts doing twenties meant this was the closest thing to a pro night I'd ever done.

It being the wind-down bank holiday Monday night I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of numbers but in the end a good thirty people were seated and ready for the off at 8.30. Hosting a show in a bar is a challenge as there's the chance a number of the people in there won't be interested in watching but the MC held it down well and had a particularly chatty table focussed by getting them involved early with plenty of questions. 

The parallels between a comedy show and teaching get ever more apparent.

After a thirty minute set of the MC and the first twenty there was a short break for me to hand my phone over to the sound engineer and focus on the task ahead. The front row had dropped back a few tables so the stage now faced empty seats when the MC returned. 

I'm never too sure if it's the done thing in these situations to give up with the stage and take the mic to the audience but I did anyway and talked first world problems with various tables before launching into One Shot. It went down well with most of the room singing their part. The second track divided the room though with notable numbers drawing a blank of what a craft fair was. Read the room better, lesson learned.

Still, a great gig and one I'd do again. I need to work out how to take better care of my voice though. Two songs in and I was already a bit croaky. Note to self - water not beer before set.

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