Monday, 3 August 2015

Welcome to Me

Hi, my name's Andy quirk and I'm a comedy promoter and performer. 

Actually, none of the above is strictly true. My last name isn't quirk (the lower case q may have given that away) but the name stuck long ago and I've used it ever since for my public ventures. Regarding the the promoter and performer bit, it is true I put on comedy shows and perform comedy raps at them and elsewhere when the mood take me. By day though I'm actually a primary school teacher and assuming I don't want to live in a cupboard and live off Space Raider crisps for the rest of my life it's likely to stay that way. I love my job but my extra-curricula activities give life that extra zing.

So why am I writing this? Well, partially to keep as a record to look back on in the future and wonder what I was going on about. Also though, I figured someone out there might like to see comedy through the eyes of a new act night promoter (not "open mic" - I'll address that another time) and part time stage invader.

Let the posts commence.

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