Monday, 7 September 2015

The Comedians Club

After an August break The Comedians Club was back in business at Leytonstone's Plough & Harrow with many of the same acts i'd performed with before and a second half handed over to Carmen Ali and Jake Pickford's Edinburgh show. 

As has always been the case, the venue looked pretty sparsely populated throughout but when a room is designed for 150 anything less than 50 is never going to look great. Never mind when it's more like 15.

The energy level in the room wasn't far off that of a dying battery as the first few acts did their best to pick it up and my set, coming midway through the first half, faired only moderately better. People joined in 1 Shot's chorus and clapped in the right places for Selfie Stick. They were quite forgiving even when my vocal went way off piste on new track Tales of the Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area. Overall, however, it was one of those nights where people came up afterwards to say they enjoyed your set  rather than show it at the time.

Carmen and Jake's Edinburgh show in the second half went down well - feeling punchier than when I saw it in Scotland. Doing it earlier than the 11pm slot they had up there and getting a bigger stage seemed key to me.

Overall a lovely, though not lively, night. Leytonstone needs to wake up to it before they lose it.

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