Monday, 9 November 2015

Cafe Mode

Saturday night in Covent Garden is a big deal in comedy. Cafe Mode may well be the new act minnow of the west end scene but its capacity 30 were pretty typical of what to expect. Tourists, couples and a large contingent of early twenties taking in something before clubbing was what awaited me and my Bluetooth speaker (the impressive PA had been crippled by a broken amp. Without my speaker I would have had to pull out - £20 well spent!)

Chris Coltrane opened and was far too good. It settled after that though and I came on to a crowd slightly less excited than I'd have liked. 

Two Shots started quietly but by the end the crowd were joining in. During Selfie Stick the demographic differences became pretty pronounced though with the under forties largely clapping along in the right places and, in the case of the under twenty fives, audience members were actually doubled up laughing.

The three women in their forties/fifties however simply looked bewildered. It's not for everyone.

Great gig though - and I'm not not just saying that because I got a free pizza afterwards...

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