Thursday, 25 February 2016

Open Mic at The Elmhurst

The Elmhurst is a pub out in Bruce Grove that proudly proves gentrification has yet to hit everywhere in Tottenham. 4 mainstream lagers are all that are on tap and drinks are served exclusively in plastic pint glasses. The stage is carpeted and most of the locals look like they're plotting a robbery.

That said, it is charming for all the same reasons and MC Ant Henson is doing a good job pulling in respectable numbers in the later stage of the night (not pictured). 

The acts are almost exclusively music - loop pedals, acoustic singer/songwriters and a girl band all put in an appearance. My set was one of two halves with 1 Shot drawing the biggest applause of the night but then Selfie Stick alienating everyone under thirty. Something to bare in mind.

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