Thursday, 24 March 2016

Monkey Business at The Camden Eye

Monkey Business is a name in comedy I'd heard about a lot and so with great interest I approached this gig in Camden. With an £8 door charge it had the air of a pro night and sure enough there was a nice backdrop and an actual stage light in place.

The crowd wasn't huge but it was "real" rather than just acts and that made a huge difference. I opened proceedings and delivered Tales of the Unexpected and 1 Shot before being invited to encore with a third. West End went down similarly well and for a room of 15 we made an impressive amount of noise.

Alongside Maggie Kowalski (a Famous First Words regular) were a bunch of acts I'd never seen before. All put in decent 5-10s and the night closed with Louis Shafer. I had an interesting chat about the state of the London comedy circuit with promoter Martin afterwards and then headed home.

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