Saturday, 9 April 2016

Spoonful of Poison at The King Eddie

Tonight's Spoonful of Poison in Stratford was the typical anarchic mix I have come to expect from Vis. When there wasn't a teen grrrl duo covering Lady Gaga's "Teeth" through grunge bass and guitar, there was a man covered in face paint screaming his way through a puppet act involving songs about a wild west grandpa (pictured), or Dangerous T verbally battering three people for ten minutes who had made the fatal error of talking over the start of his set.

Occasional chatting aside, the crowd were a lot more respectful to the acts than the previous time I went and also a lot less drunk. Ruskin Denmark put in a good comedy set and his girlfriend presented some thoughtful poetry. My own seven minutes dragged participation out of the crowd with grim determination through the medium of Chilling and Crisis Of Conscience but it was a footnote in a night that celebrated the truly weird.

Earlier today I spent several hours redesigning the Facebook banners and posters for my various nights and also the flyer for the Edinburgh Preview all-dayer (June 25th at The Castle, make a note now). The flyer is incomplete so I can't punt that up yet but here are the new style posters - taking feedback from The Castle that the LIVE COMEDY bit needs to be the most prominent feature to draw in casual drinkers in the bar who don't have time to read more than the biggest bit of text. I've decided to really focus on developing these nights in 2016 and possibly adding a few more to the stable...

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