Wednesday, 11 May 2016

England's Smallest Comedy Club at The George

I estimate I have now done about 80 gigs. Not once has my iPhone let me down. It had to happen eventually...

So it was that in a tiny room above a lovely pub in Soho I performed Shuffle and Stop without the aid of a microphone to five acts and two real audience. It went well enough to go into West End in "tribute" to the area. 

At the end of the first verse the track skipped forward to a position unknown in the final chorus. I stopped, rewound, tried again and it happened again. I gave up and sat down.

On the tube home I listened to it on headphones. It played without a problem. Got to love technology.

The gig overall was simple, short and mercifully lowly attended given my tech issues. The guys who run it though are great and I'll return once I've given my mobile a talking to.

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