Saturday, 28 May 2016

Hilarity in Shoes at The Lion

Thursday was Hilarity in Shoes second birthday and I joined fourteen or so comedians for a night of watching each other have variable success in performing to each other. 

'Shoes is a great night and the venue is lovely. Matt Duwell was, as usual, on MC duties and faces both new and familiar graced the stage. Dan Atfield was an early highlight with his musical ode to Pingu and later someone would recognise that they were performing directly in front of James Harris and I - after pulling out of Famous First Words (which we co-promote) three days earlier. 

Performing to a room full of comedians generally goes two ways. Either you acknowledge the situation, relax a bit more than you perhaps should and more or less freestyle your way through five minutes. Or you do what I did and pretend the room's packed and attempt to create the energy that is otherwise missing by being louder and bigger than usual. Did it work? Well, it's hard to say if anything truly "works" in this situation but I felt I'd done my bit and had earned my right to collapse in one of the many sofas and cheer on the others.

Post-show beer and conversation followed and then it was back on the bike home.

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