Monday, 2 May 2016

The Prince of Wails at The Plough and Harrow

The Plough and Harrow is a venue I'm more than a little familiar with as in 2013 you'd have found me in it one Saturday every month running "Turn Off Your Television" and then last year on the bill of "The Comedians Club" several times. 

Both nights ultimately ceased to exist due to low turnouts and although the numbers tonight were no better the warmth and enthusiasm shown by those who were there more than made up for it.

The bill was entirely music based and had a house band who were more than happy to play backing to the various singers and guitarists on request. "Rock and Roll Gerry" (pictured) was just one of many who took advantage. This particularly cool eighty-three year old knocked out Johnny Be Good and other fifties standards with similar energy to what I imagine he had down the hop some sixty or so years ago.

Arriving early, the organisers gave me twenty minutes at 8.10 and with some amusement I noted that straight after me was the angry rap stylings of Unique Technique. A man who I bump into rarely nowadays but still holds a special place in my heart for his vitriolic hate rap about me he was performing last year. Sure enough I saw him on his own little table at the back of the room looking shifty. This was going to be interesting.

Given I had twenty minutes I decided to road test one of my embryonic Edinburgh Festival sets. In a similar style to that of a really amateur musical I tell the story of a particularly frustrating day in my life where I'm regularly confronted by first world problems and break into song. It seemed to work and the small crowd listened carefully throughout and joined in each track with the enthusiasm of numbers 10x the size. Afterwards pretty much every person came over and asked for flyers and had a chat. Though this may have had as much to do with my particularly pretty female accomplice sitting next to me as to do with my set...

And Unique Technique? Well sometime during my set he upped sticks and left never to be seen again. One day he'll let it go.

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