Sunday, 31 July 2016

Two days to Edinburgh

With the previews completed, the final spots performed and a trip to Pound Stretcher resulting in a nice big wheeled suitcase my mind is now firmly focussed on Tuesday and the train ride up to Edinburgh for the Fringe. Mirthquake starts on August 6th, with my first guest-spot the day before. 

Whilst on some days Mirthquake is all I currently have going on, on others I have anything up to three performances so I'm expecting to be keeping fit with all the running between venues. To this end I even bought myself some new trainers this week (yes, I'm that dedicated). I've been promised a few more shows by the end of today so once those have come in I'll do my best to post a calendar of appearances here so should you be in the city you'll know where to find me. Lucky you.

As should be obvious from this post, this blog is going to go very festival based for the next month and I'll be doing my best to reflect and report on what goes on there. I'm expecting to be busy, tired but rarely bored. If nothing else I'm going to become expert in handing out flyers and talking to strangers.

To join me on this epic journey do whatever you need to do to follow this blog, I'll be tweeting out links to entries to make it that bit easier. For the while here are some handy links with neat things to do.

Things to "Like"

This is my comedy page. This should not to be confused with my personal page, which is full of rants on education and pictures of cats, dogs and babies. 

This is the page for Mirthquake - the show I will usually be 1/3 of every day at 4.30pm at The Southsider.

Things to listen to, "follow" or download

This is the full album of material I will be performing from. Once you've decided it's a work of genius you can follow me on there and pick up a special edition Edinburgh 2016 version of it on CD for, ahem, "free" by putting £5 in the donations bucket at the end of a Mirthquake show. Alternatively... can download it for £4 from here if you're not coming up.

Things to watch

This is my Youtube channel. Currently it has an early version of One Shot on it, a more recent recording of West End and me playing two tiny rooms in London. It may well have Mirthquake footage on it eventually as well.

This is all a bit complicated. Is there a simple one-stop shop for all this?

Yes. It's called - enjoy!

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