Thursday, 11 August 2016

Three Show Thursday

Today I was up at the very reasonable time of 11am to get myself out to Opium for Comedy Tapas early in the afternoon. Like last time, the room was very busy and they certainly liked my rendition of Craft Fair. The other acts were great and alongside the same people I'd seen previously I met Dannii from Cowshowpolitan who had a nice line in Irish Catholic jokes.

Following this, the event's host and PBH main-man Chris invited us out to the Mosque Kitchen for lunch (pictured). Unlike the £12 buffet offered at the restaurant of the same name on the high street, this kitchen was actually part of the mosque and did very decent curry for £5. We talked about all kinds of aspects of fringe life and promoting comedy shows - a very interesting man.

From there it was off to Ciao Roma down the street from The Southsider to pick up some Wee Blue Books and from there back to the venue to flyer. James was there to give me the good news that the venue would pay for a proper room divider for our performance space - which should hopefully do something to dull down the din of the weekend crowds in the bar. Divider duly ordered from Amazon, it was out onto the street to push paper into hands.

The flyering partially paid off with us doubling our audience from yesterday. True, an older gent looked like he'd fallen asleep mid-set only to wake when another audience member told Nick both his parents had committed suicide earlier that week. Quite clearly untrue, the older man took the comment at face value and said "oh aye, did they jump off the *name I can't remember* bridge? That's where most of them do it." Then went back to resting his eyelids. Shortly after this the show again veered off course with a long discussion on names of Blackburn football players. It was quite an unusual gig...

...though not as unusual as the one that followed where Thom Milner asked me to step into the guest spot at his show as he'd had a cancellation. Performing to Thom, an old school friend of his, my friend Richard and a member of the audience that had stayed on from our show, it wasn't the fullest of gigs but it was still good fun. Thom plays comedy songs with his guitar and his ode to Mario is genius. After opening with "Chilling" I gave "Clicking Like" it's Edinburgh debut to emphatic approval from Thom and his friend. Nu metal pastiche is the way forward clearly.

Three gigs down Richard and I headed over to The Globe to see Maddie and Danni's show, "Cowshowpolitan", before helping German tourists understand how the menu worked in Wetherspoons. Beer and burger complete we chanced "#BiggerThanKanye" at 48 Below before heading over to the Hanover Tap for my forth and final appearance at midnight. This sadly didn't come to be due to lack of audience but we all had a beer and discussed if comedians get groupies instead. The consensus being no.

I also found out that when a group of guys in the bar were asked if they wanted to come and watch the same show the day before they asked if I was performing that night as they really liked my previous performance. The appreciation of strangers never felt so good.

I acquired an extra gig for tomorrow to make Friday a three show event so it's an early start once again.

Shows Performed: 3 (16)
Bums on seats at Mirthquake: 11 (115)
Money in the Mirthquake bucket: £13.80 (£147.32)
Steps walked according to my pedometer: 11,035 (172,578) 

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