Friday, 21 October 2016

Stand Up at the Star / Yellow Comedy

Stand Up at The Leyton Star
The debut night of my new local venture took a twist in the 24 hours preceding it when Yuriko Kotani had to drop out and I found myself performing at my own show in her place.

The room I have at The Leyton Star is truly adorable. Seating just over 20 people its little stage and ever so East London wallpaper (depicting, amongst other things, mugging and street drinking) made for a cosy night with a friendly audience ready and willing to enjoy what was in store.

Jay Cowle (pictured) performed 40 minutes of his developing show, "Hello Humans", in the second half to a warm response. The first half did the ground work with Doug Gordan, Matt Duwell, Lenny Sherman and myself doing well - with MC duties expertly taken care of by Maddie Campion. Come the end of the show the donations bucket suggested every last person in the crowd had stuck a fiver in and a couple of people even came back ten minutes later to say how much they liked both the show and my set.

Good times!

Yellow Comedy, Watford
A quick trip up to Watford tonight proved to be time well spent with a fantastic bill performing at a charming independent book shop on the high street. Alongside Victor Preda (pictured), other familiar faces included Rosana Bosanac, Zara Brown and Andy Storey.

With no beer available and a mature audience it was a different kind of gig for me and probably had more in common with the show in Edinburgh than anything else. I was on early and did "Tales of the Unexpected" and "Shuffle and Stop". Both went down really well and afterwards the promoter suggested the possibility of booking me in the new year for a headline set at one of the various nights he runs in the area. Things are indeed looking good for 2017.

Next show, Liverpool this Sunday for Hot Water Comedy.

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