Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Freedom Fridge

This week I picked up an actual paid gig for next Tuesday on the theme of food. Having just written a track about foodies I realised I needed to perform it somewhere beforehand to ensure it was ready for an audience who may have paid anything up to two actual pounds to see it.

The choice was obvious. At that point the day was Tuesday and Andy Onions was on MC duties at The Freedom Fridge in Kentish town that Thursday. A few emails later I was on the bill alongside JB Carter taking a sideways look at child birth and Rasputin Something who performed a really funny song about Lidl.

Onions hosted with his usual charm and gave us a good dose of his new projector driven comedy under the title of "Powerpointless". Some of the material was brand new, some of it was adapted from his Edinburgh show. All of it was damn good.

I warmed up with a rousing Tales of the Unexpected and encored at Andy O's insistence with Crisis Of Conscience. In the middle I hacked my way through Foodie and forgot most of the second verse. In the past I may have considered this a disaster but experience has taught me I never get my songs right first time yet second time around it always comes out fine. Regardless, the audience didn't seem to mind and the first few rows indulged me with the tummy rub dance move and shouting "hey!" on a regular basis.

Balham, you are in for a treat.

In other news, Clash of the Tight Tens returns next Friday with an indecently all-star lineup featuring vast numbers of award winning acts returning from successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. If you'd like to see Daniel Offen, Yuriko Kotani, Nathan Cassidy, Rosie Holt, Gatis Kandis, Sonja Cheekykita, Jonny Gillam and Sasha Ellen you should seek out more info here. 

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