Sunday, 5 March 2017

Clash of the Tight Tens at The Castle

Clash of the Tight Tens is a night that never fails to surprise. True to form, tonight's show had its high, lows and general weird moments throughout. Andy Onions was running late so James Harris took on the MC mantle for the first half and opened with some friendly chat with the handful of real audience who had turned out.

As James finished his bit ten more people arrived direct from the bar and intrigued what the night had to offer. The opening act didn't crack them (as is often the case with random people who walk in expecting Live at the Apollo) and though they warmed to the next one they all got up and left as James announced my set. 

Doing call and response with 5 genuine audience members should be impossible but somehow things went well. With the intro rap, Airport and Tinny Drums all making either their debut or second appearance I was particularly pleased. 5 people is par for the course in Edinburgh some days so if it works here it should work there. The best response was for, as usual, West End which I tagged on the end. The newly arrived Andy Onions danced frantically at their back on this one - joining in the backing vocals with significant gusto.

Come the second half we were no busier but, then again, no less busy either so it was for the lucky 5 that Aaron Levene, Mark Cram and James Harris (now freed from MC duties by Onions) performed great sets. Following the show there was time for drinks and chat before a swift departure home. Shows like this are sometimes called character building but in this case I'd say it was genuinely enjoyable!

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