Friday, 17 March 2017

Stand Up at The Leyton Star, 16.3.17

I look forward to every show I run but I was especially looking forward to this evening's. I've been a fervent supporter of David McIver for two years now and this was his Edinburgh preview. 

The audience wasn"t at the usual numbers which was a surprise and a shame. Nevertheless, come 8pm I was on stage reviving Crisis of Conscience for the first time since Edinburgh last year. Air punched and "yeah"s duly shouted we moved on a strong opening from Sella Graham. 

Gates Kandis followed with a mix of new and old material then Sally Firth took to the stage with tales of her son's misdemeanours. James Harris closed the first half with confident commentary and crowd conversations before I told everyone to get a drink and return for the second half - even throwing in some actual crowd chat around new and old Leyton for the recent arrivals.

I won't spoil the surprise when it comes to David's set but suffice to say in involved breathing exercises, a toga and an abacus. As character comics go he's really pushing himself experimentally and pulling it off pretty much all the time. The Travis song was quite the twist too.

So onwards to April and two shows where I actually won't be there. Firstly because I've handed over Tight Tens to the fantastic Sonia Aste and secondly because Peter Merrett will be at the helm of Bear Jokes whilst I'm over in Europe for an Easter break. 

Don't try and break into my flat - I have a housemate and a seriously vicious cat.

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