Thursday, 27 April 2017

Monkey Business at The Camden Eye

As I approach the Camden Eye, Promoter Martin is pacing around outside. "We've sold two tickets tonight," he says and we discuss the perils of the comedy night promoter. 

Come 8pm, however, the real audience has swelled to...four and there are ten acts on so it looks busy enough - even if the paying punters' decision to all sit in the near side corner presents the conundrum of if to perform to the front or angle constantly forty-five degrees right.

The first half is a mixed bag but quality prevails. Gatis Kandis proves himself yet again to be the comedians' comedian with his song about cows and Maggie Kowalski shows what a solid year of gigging can do for your delivery.

Admittedly I missed half of it as I was on next and plugging my phone in. As my sets go it was alright. The intro rap caught the necessary attention and the two couples that comprised the non-comics seemed to share the participation workload with one pair taking on the hissy noise in Tinny Drums with gusto whilst the other two got their clap on for a dusting down of Selfie Stick.

Bar the odd shuffle back to the centre stage, I probably did largely perform in profile to the comics to catch the eye of those not mentally rehearsing their lines or enduring the umpteenth time they've heard my beef about mobile phone accessories.

Come the second half the crowd were more tired but still willing. There were some great sets to raise the energy though, in particular from Peter Latham and Steve McLean. 10.20 rolled around and it was all over and a lengthy trip on the overground awaited.

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