Thursday, 20 July 2017

Bear Jokes @ Pub on the Park

Last week I was back at Pub on the Park for Jon Long's Edinburgh preview and things looked positive from the start. The sun was shining, the pub was busy and some of the drinkers were actually there to see the night's events.

The first half was a whistle-stop tour of talent with Vivienne Kay, Jonny Gillam, Cecilia Delatori and Daniel Offen all putting in strong sets to the first few rows of smiling sofa surfers. My own opening seemed to go down well and Modern Man made it from start to finish without a dropped word or mistimed foot stomp. I was originally unsure of how this song would work but with every airing it just gets better.

The room had swelled to standing room only by the time Jon Long took to the stage. An effortless fifty minutes then ensued through a mixture of storytelling and songs. Some of the material was familiar from 2016 but there were plenty of new pieces mixed into the formula too. After an unexpected costume change and re-change, the show ended with a thoroughly surreal parachuting story crescendoing in a pun I recognised but, by his own admission, most of the audience were unlikely to get. This deliberate act of fallibility doing exactly as intended and warming the audience further to him. If you're up in Ed this summer you should definitely go to his show.

In the run-up to Ed2017 I'm publishing lip sync videos to some of my songs - standing at 52 and 24 views respectively they're not exactly gone viral but if you'd like to have a look and may be even share...

Craft Fair:
West End:

Andy Onions and I are also doing out final previews this Sunday at The Leyton Star between 3pm and 5pm. Free entry. Please come if you're in the area and fancy some better-than-cheap laughs!

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