Monday, 24 July 2017

Edinburgh Previews at The Leyton Star

With just over a week to go before the start of Ed it seemed like a good idea to get one last preview in the bag so Andy Onions and I put together a little Sunday afternoon entertainment to see what would happen. We switched the room around to face the TV to ensure Andy's "Powerpointless" could be fully realised and set out a generous twelve seats and a tempting box of Malteasers to encourage people up from the pub.

Given the availability of a television I prepared a full visual chart rundown to display during my set. Created less than two hours before the show started, to say I may have rushed it a little would be an understatement but it did the job and will probably be with me up in Scotland now. The assembled audience (two friends, Onions' friend and his eight year old daughter plus one brave man from the bar) were obviously set to rock as I set off the intro music.

And as shows to five people go it wasn't actually as terrible as I feared. True enough, almost everyone got two goes on the Box of Frustration but with each member representing 20% of the audience no-one opted out. It was good to see that you could be sober and enjoy it too, which is a bonus. At 8 years old, the friend's daughter was the youngest attendee to my show yet and seemed to enjoy it immensely - though her dad and Andy were possibly more amused with the way I kept changing words in the songs to keep them U rated. My 45 minutes up, I tagged over to Onions for his show.

After a flooding disaster involving a pint of water and the sound desk the second show was up and running. Andy mixed in a lot of new sections I hadn't seen before - all of which worked as well as might be hoped with a single figure audience (bolstered to 7 with a further two people up from the bar). The shouty man is on his game - well worth seeing him at The Banshee Labyrinth come August.

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