Saturday, 12 August 2017

Edinburgh: Day 7

Fridays should be good for Fringe, particularly when the sky is grey and constantly threatening to rain. It's a strange scenario when you hope for the skies to open during your summer holiday but droplets mean bums on seats hiding from a drenching.

My first task for the day was to meet Sarah from Radio Ha Ha to record a one minute promo for my show at Black Market. There's not much you can really say in sixty seconds other than list the basic facts in your show but if it means a few more people in for first world problems then all the better.

Tight Tens was next on the agenda and I was out on the street with my laurel wreath and pile of A6 pieces of paper encouraging all who passed that they really should sit in a dark room for an hour. The crowd was good and the acts were solid throughout - Australian Mick Nevan opened with typical antipodean brashness that the audience loved, Benji Waterstones went softly softly with some curious tales of exotic drug remedies, David McIver cranked up the surrealism and Yuriko Kotani rounded things off with some strong observational material I hadn't seen before. Crowd happy, bucket heavy, a good show all round.

First World Problems wasn't quite the seat grab that Tight Tens had been but then I've simply been impressed day-in day-out that anyone would be open to taking a punt on an unknown doing what could hardly be described as traditional stand-up or musical comedy - never mind this turnout being consistently in the tens and twenties. So with twelve bums on seats, Anna and I started the chart rundown to a very enthusiastic mixed age crew. Every song went down well, though it was with Selfie Stick that things got potentially viral with Anna bouncing her arm throughout and a significant portion of the crowd doing the same. It may yet be the new dab....or more likely the new Gangnam Style horse riding thing. Crew happy, bucket again pretty heavy - we celebrated with drinks and a Chinese.

Living the dream.

Clash of the Tight Tens: Citizens / Donations: 31 / £67.30Andy Quirk's Got First World Problems: Crew Members / Donations: 12 / £38.28

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