Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tidal Turnout Tuesday

Tuesdays are supposed to be slow but once again we somehow defied the odds and had another amazing day.

Tight Tens was packed out as if it was a weekend and the lineup didn't disappoint. True, given the amount of audience members around the age of 12 the show could have probably done with less material about sex and class A drugs, and the C-bomb, but the parents looked none-the-less happy and saw it through to the end.

First World Problems also had a decent turnout and went down well. The addition of a league table of terrible UK nightclubs and some tweaks to the middle of the set proved their worth. One audience member showed off their party trick of jumping into the splits whilst the lyrics kept coming and Anna J double-twerked her way into the audience's hearts. As a crowd they were quieter than the previous day's but just as lovely.

A while later we found ourselves at Sweet Novotel for a 10 minute spot on their "Pick n Mix" bill - which turned out to be an un-manned digital PA system in the corner of the hotel bar. With a group of four enjoying a coffee in front of us and little else it was touch and go if we'd do the slot. In the end though we dusted off Crisis Of Conscience and ran through Tales of the Unexpected for the umpteenth time. The coffee lovers enjoyed it, joined in and took our flyers. Maybe we've just added four more to tomorrow's show.

In the evening it was over to Bar Bados and its derelict charm for Simon Caine's compilation show. A small but enthusiastic audience really went for our tracks and the rest of the bill was pleasingly solid too. Anna was approached by a couple of super fans afterwards, those two vowing to come to the main show.

Pretty good day overall.

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