Sunday, 16 February 2020

Parody in the Gallery

The skies were grey and the wind was doing its best to invite the waves to a party on the pavement when we took shelter in the Tate Liverpool last week. My post-birthday weekend away had been full of cheer and Chinese food and was concluding on the Albert Docks.

Following a wander round a room festooned with what appeared to be bedsheets someone had run a paint roller over I was on the second floor working out if the Lowry was imagined or observed (spoiler alert, it turned out to be a bit of both) when a rampaging horde of pre-teens entered the room armed with clipboards and ambivalence to their surroundings. What self-employment had given me in terms of flexibility to mooch around a gallery on a Monday it had also gifted me with primary school trips. 

I smiled to myself as a tired looking teacher intervened on a group of boys who'd discovered a sloped window sill and had promptly started to use it as a slide; glad to no longer be the one having to give the stern looks and false outrage that 9 year olds might not find a video installation of a Chinese light bulb factory as entertaining as a small painted incline. I moved on and ten minutes later had written parody lyrics of Valerie with the title Galleries. Inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places.

Elsewhere in the past seven days things continue to move forward with the Glossop Comedy Festival with the first acts now confirmed for spots across the the weekend starting July 10th. These include the award winning Tom Little, Radio 4 featured Ali Woods and Guardian-endorsed Matt Hoss plus a number of other high profile rising stars from both the local area and further afield. 

Our own show, the improbably named, "Annie and Angela's Disco Divorce Party", will close the opening night. Less to do with any sense of ego and more down to the sheer pragmatism of not wanting to coordinate a day's worth of shows on the Saturday or Sunday in a wedding dress and heels. That show is certainly building up to be something pretty special whilst the whole weekend is set to be a full on melee of mirth. The full program and website will launch in April.

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