Saturday, 25 April 2020

Ryanair - Refund It!

Earlier this week I had an email from Ryanair. Having promised Anna and I a refund for our cancelled flights earlier this month I'd since received two emails telling me the refund was being processed. 

The new email was impressively brazen, we'd been issued a voucher and told that if we wanted the cash we'd have to re-register our claim. 

Upon re-registering I received an email telling me that there wouldn't be any cash refunds and I should speak to someone on the chatroom if I wanted to discuss this further. They provided a link...which took me to a chatroom that has been closed every time I've tried to access it.

Under normal circumstances I'd be frustrated but resigned to the rumours about Ryanair being true, take the voucher under duress and vow never to pay for another flight with them again. However, I have a lot more time on my hands at the moment and my brain is working overdrive on parody production so I made this.

Having posted it on my walls, the numerous Facebook groups dedicated to bad experiences with Ryanair and tweeting it to Martin Lewis it's drifted past the one hundred views mark and gained eight likes. Not exactly viral but a cathartic experience nonetheless and the closest I'm ever likely to get to writing a "protest song". 

Rehearsals continue with Disco Divorce Party but given its interactive crowd element we're debating at the moment if it's worth recording for the various online festivals this year or if we should just rehearse it to a bulletproof level for 2021. 

In the meantime I've got the guitar out and paired it with very loud drums and acid house era bass synths to create whatever comes out the other end. The first song has a distinctly late nineties / early noughties indiepop vibe about it, the second comes about as close to psytrance as I'm ever likely to venture. Once I've got six recorded I'll start work on a Youtube mini-series, working title: At Home With Angela. Could be great. Could be atrocious. But what's comedy without a little risk?

The second Anything Goes Online Open Mic came out on Thursday. 20 acts were involved this time, making it nearly twice to size of the debut show. It's a mixed bag in the most positive sense. Click here to kick off the playlist and be sure to leave feedback on the videos you enjoy.

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