Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hilarity In Shoes

The photo may not look like much but Hilarity in Shoes was really good tonight. With the train strike still casting its shadow over the capital, host for the evening Lucas Jolson was running late. Not one to sit and wait I involved a few willing volunteers and set up the PA in his absence and by the time it rolled around to his arrival at 8.15 we were all good to go.

The audience was thin on the ground with about 14 people in the room, of which 9 were acts. However, the vibe was good and I kicked things off to an enthusiastic reception with pretty much everyone joining in on the choruses. From there on in it was funny pretty much all the way. Lucas' informal chatty style worked well and when things wrapped up at ten it felt almost too early. A quick chat with some of the acts later I was on my bike and back home.

A genuine audience member came to shake my hand and say my song was stuck in my head. This is on par with winning a Brit Award as far as I'm concerned.

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